Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Exciting news!!

Recently I've been working on making my entrance to the roleplaying and game development industry. I've been writing mails to the people that are already there, I've been talking to people who know some people and I've been networking quite a bit with the people out there on different social media.

Yesterday though, something great happened, I wake up early and check my mails as I always do and there it is! An email from one of the companies that I had mailed a few days ago! Now they didn't exactly throw me the keys to the car yet, but that wasn't exactly what I was expecting either.

What the mail said was that the company in question (no need to name names just yet, let's see where this goes ;) ) wasn't looking for new material at the moment, but were in fact looking for writers for some of their established lines.

So what I did was respond to that mail today, stating my experience and which lines would be interesting for me (at least to begin with) and some of my ideas just off the top of my head.

So basically this post is to make you guys cross whatever you need to cross to give me some good luck here! :)

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