Thursday, 21 November 2013


I've been a little silent the past couple of weeks, but it's been a busy time, which means less time for blogging. I've been working on a couple of articles for both FASA and "The Unspeakable Oath".

On the side (not that there's been much spare time) I've been working on my own system - U.S.A.R (Universal System of Action Roleplaying) a universal (duh!) system, that ideally speeds up combat and introduces proper immersion to playing and developing your character.
It is still very much in the "idea"-phase and hardly anything has been put into proper writing (mostly notes and small docs filled with one-liners about how it SHOULD work ;) ).
The plan, however, is to finish a general system of rules, to govern most actions and situations in the game, while other works will handle stuff like magic, monsters, weapons (apart from a very basic set in the core book) and such.

The system is being built with a very clear idea in mind:

  • progression of characters, 
  • realism and 
  • fast-pace. 
I've played nearly every system out there over the years and obviously there has been trouble with each and every single one of them (in my mind), which means that this system is of course a collection of rules that I think is most optimal. Others might hate the system, but for me this should end up as "the perfect system".

I'm hoping to playtest the system while developing it with different group of friends, in order to lure out the "holes" and problems that might arise during a gaming session. As the system is ment to be able to handle all types of settings, I will be trying out Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror scenarios.

So there it is - what I've been doing over the past weeks.

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