Monday, 24 February 2014

Stats, Attributes, Aptitudes... and more Stats!

Alright gang!

It's been a good run, but the time has now come for me to focus on Stats. The numbers on any given character sheet, from any given system and any given setting, that shapes and describes a character's abilities.

But first, a little info. I honestly thought I had my stats down and had moved on to other things, thinking that the stats I had already described would be more than enough for me to develop all other parts of character generation in a jiffy!

I was wrong! Oh dear God how I was wrong!

This week I have been punching away at the stats-section once again. After speaking to a friend of mine, who gave me multiple new ideas, not all of them pertaining to stats, I began to work on an aspect of stats I chose to name "Aptitudes". The idea was - and still is - that these aptitudes are inherent areas of expertise that we all have. Players put points in these aptitudes during the first step of character creation and these choices affect most of the future choices the players needs to make.
Aptitudes affect point costs for both skills, attributes and even talents. Therefore these choice are extremely important and the player needs to consider carefully where his points are spent in order to maximize output from his character.
Aptitudes are all intertwined though, meaning that you can't just add points to one aptitude and dump the rest in order to be a certain kind of character-type. All aptitudes affect multiple areas of both the character's psyche and physique, so dumping one aptitude, means you leave yourself open in some areas.

This time around I have decided to get this section of the rules done for good, meaning I need this to be finished in order to move on to developing the rest of the system. Talents for example, don't really work without some stats to affect. Spells or magic in general, won't really tell you much about what's going on besides the narrative effect, if there are no stats to buff or de-buff. This is the reason I've decided to keep at this untill it's done.

Thankfully, I'm going camping once again, with the geeks from my local gaming club ( and like last time, I've already asked a few of them to join me in a little sit-down to discuss a few areas of my book, in order to hopefully gain as much input as last time and perhaps run a few ideas by someone I don't usually speak to.

It's a short one this week, but hopefully the trip this weekend will yield a ton of new ideas to throw your way next week.

Untill then: Stay Classy and always remember to share these updates with as many people as you possibly can and join me on Twitter @ramucorp for more updates and nonsense!

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