Saturday, 1 February 2014

Late night update...

Just thought I'd give you guys a little late-night update, since I just finished the first of many islands of Elrahna.

Fern's Peak
A moderately sized island in the Pyranirran Empire. Famous for the Dragon's Cave in the center of the island. Noone has seen or heard from Fern the Fabulous (The Dragon, obviously) for more than 400 years and quite a few rumors have started, saying the mighty beast has died and his hoard of uncountable riches lies in the depths of his mountain lair. Noone has dared test these rumors, though... not yet.

The Empire has a rather famous Skyfortress on the island as well. The intimidating, yet wonderful Port Kharkas. Named for the mighty warrior who single-handedly defeated the mighty serpent Fravox, to save the entire region from utter destruction at the hands (and breath) of a Dragon gone mad. Port Kharkas is one of the best defended and largest tradehubs in the region, attracting both traders and adventurers inside it's mighty walls.

As I said: just a small night-time update, hope you like it :)

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